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"We had a great night here. Very welcoming hosts, beautiful grounds of the house to camp in, heated swimming pool, disco toilets. What more could you want! Saint-Malo is a wonderful town to explore as well. Worth every penny! We'll be back."


"We camped for a week with our 3 girls at Nathalie and went from surprise to surprise. A warm family welcome and a permanent attention to our happiness, fresh veggies and ... We leave you discover the rest! For the bivouac lovers in a wilderness setting. Do not hesitate, go ahead!"


“What makes HomeCamper so special is the superb host locations, less crowded. You get to really immerse yourself in the region. We stayed at a 400 year old vineyard, it was great value and the host welcomed us like family. Unlike many French campsites we did not need to tether our dog on a lead. We booked in advance but our plans changed so we could also book “on the go” too. We can’t wait to use HomeCamper for our next trip!"


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