Home camper help center

1. First Steps on HomeCamper.com


What is HomeCamper.com?

HomeCamper brings together hosts and travelers from all over the world, who wish to rent a garden for their outdoor stays, with a camping-car, a van, a tent.


How does it work?

It's very simple!

The hosts offer free places in their garden and travelers interested in this garden can book a location and will only have to travel without worrying about their accommodations.

Would you like to know more? Discover quickly How it works!

Simple, economical and friendly, HomeCamper allows thousands of hosts to have an additional income, and travelers to discover unique places and travel at the best price to thousands of destinations!

Registration is quick, free and immediate. HomeCamper allows you to stay in confidence, thanks to a set of innovative and practical services.

You just have to try!

I register on www.HomeCamper.com


How do I register?

To register on www.HomeCamper.com and take full advantage of this new experience, 2 possibilities are available to you:

  • Register in 30 seconds with your email address
  • Register in 2 seconds with Facebook or Google

– By registering with your usual email address, you follow the form steps by filling in the requested information: you simply indicate your first and last name, your email address, you choose a password and... that's it!

– By choosing to register on www.HomeCamper.com with your Facebook or Google account, your information will be directly synchronized in one click!

In any case, HomeCamper commits to never disclose your personal information to third parties and does not publish any registered or confidential data on the site.

I register on www.HomeCamper.com


Is registration free and mandatory?

Registration on www.HomeCamper.com is totally FREE!

It is mandatory if you want to enjoy the connection between hosts and travelers and stay in unique places among thousands of destinations!

Be a member of HomeCamper allows you to offer your free locations and meet travelers from all over the world.

I register on www.HomeCamper.com