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2. You are a HomeCamper host


Propose a garden

Publish your ad

We invite you to share all types of lands on www.HomeCamper.com: gardens, parks, woods,... islands and forests!

As soon as you’re available to welcome travellers, put your ad online and let travellers from all over the world discover these locations.



Description and equipment

An accurate description of your garden and the available equipment allows you to attract travellers that can best meet your expectations. Highlight important points, such as the presence or not of water, electricity, Wi-Fi, toilet access, the possibility of draining wastewater. Add a maximum amount of useful information about the characteristics of your garden, the activities and the modes of transport nearby to attract your potential guests.



The photographs allow travellers to imagine the places. They have a considerable influence when choosing the destination. Download up to 10 photos, in JPEG, JPG or PNG format and a size of less than 5MB. Make sure that they are bright, clear and representative of where travellers will be greeted. If you need advice, please ask the HomeCamper team.

Contact us

We reserve the right to reframe or delete certain photos that are not of sufficient quality or that may affect the interests of Home camper SAS.


Price and Availability

You set the price and availability of your gardens yourself. You can also create several advertisements from the "My Gardens" tab, which allows you, for example, to apply different rates depending on the type of accommodation (motorhome, tent, hut, Yurt, Chalet,...) or for certain periods of the year; High season, events in your region (Tour de France, festivals, competitions,...).

As an indication, the recommended rate for a location of 50m2 ² is about 15-20 euros per night, but it can vary depending on the season, the region and especially the services made available to travellers.

To temporarily disable an ad, simply deselect the "your garden is visible" option at the end of the form. In this case, we ensure that it does not appear in the search results.


Respond to travellers' demands and expectations

Travellers who love a garden will want to book it quickly. You can accept reservations on a case by case basis. After a booking request from a traveller, you will immediately receive an SMS and an email with all the details of the reservation. You will be able to accept or refuse the reservation the same day and within a maximum of 7 days. Once the acceptance has been received, the traveller will have to pay the reservation to access the precise coordinates of the gardens and the host.



The host (as well as the traveller) has the possibility to cancel until 48h before the start of the booking. The traveller will then be fully recredited with the total amount of the reservation. You will be asked to provide an explanation for this cancellation.

Repeated or abusive cancellations will be discussed with a representative of HomeCamper SAS, so as not to interfere with the quality of service expected.


Once the reservation is confirmed:


Prepare your garden

Offer travellers a clean and easily accessible garden. Have clearly marked entrance signs.

No investment is necessary, however by proposing more services you will increase the number of bookings.


Welcome in person or coordinate the arrival to the departure details

With HomeCamper secured messaging, you trade freely with the travellers before they arrive. Remember to indicate how they can access the garden (where to pick up the keys) or the reception hours on site.


Be available during Traveller's stay

During bookings, be prepared to provide a solution to anything that can happen. If you are not close, give the traveller the contact information of a trusted person.

If possible, leave a guestbook on which they will be able to send suggestions.


Capacity, how many locations can be proposed?

French legislation allows up to 6 locations on private land. For the comfort of all, we recommend to offer a minimum space of 50m2 ² per location.

Some areas, very few, may be banned according to the local Planning plan (Article R * 111-43). In this case it is better to inquire to your local town hall.


How do I change or delete my ad?

To change your ad, go to the "My Gardens" tab in your HomeCamper space, change the information you need, and remember to save your changes.

At any time, you keep the choice to publish your ad, or on the contrary to hide it. You just need to deselect the "your ad is visible" option at the end of the form. We guarantee that your ad will not appear in the search results.

You can completely unsubscribe from the HomeCamper service by going to the "Settings" tab of your HomeCamper space. All your personal data will then be removed from our archives.


The confidentiality

HomeCamper commits to never disclose your personal information to third parties and does not publish any registered or confidential data on the site.



Your responsibilities as a host

HomeCamper and AXA have partnered to offer you a Public Liability Insurance, for every host located onto the French territory. This insurance will cover you for any bodily harm, material or immaterial equipment damage caused to a traveller during their stay in your garden. 

Your insurance is automatically included when the reservation is confirmed and payed on the homecamper.com platform, and it is granted throughout the whole duration of the stay, in the limit of 30 consecutive days. 

We specify that this insurance runs in addition or in the absence of any insurance that you would have already subscribed beforehand. It only applies to hosts domiciled in France (mainland France, DOM-TOM and Corsica). 


Your peace of mind has no price, this is why this insurance is offered to you by HomeCamper to allow you to welcome your guests and share moments of conviviality with your travellers with no concerns.

Find out more: https://homecamper.com/en/host-guarantee-and-insurance



Recover your payments

How do I get paid for my travellers' bookings?

You are paid directly and quickly by bank transfer once the stay has been made.

Your travellers pay in advance by credit card the amount you requested when you posted your ad. After the stay the sums will be credited by transfer to your bank account. Your transfer will be made within a few days.

To receive your transfer, fill in your bank details (IBAN) in the secure space. Your payment is totally guaranteed by the site and your bank details are in total security.


I'm afraid to register my IBAN

Your bank details are completely protected, you can save them without fear.

Your bank details are not transmitted on the Internet since all the pages that manage your bank details on the site are secure (HTTPS/SSL). In addition, your coordinates are stored in an encrypted form, which prevents any recovery.

To receive by transfer the financial contributions of your travellers, it is necessary to fill your bank details (IBAN) a first time. You can then ask for your transfers without having to inform them each time.

Also, you should know that knowing your IBAN only allows you to pay you money, and in no case to take it from you. In order for an organization to be able to collect money from your account, you must send your bank a signed debit authorization (this is a physical paper that you deposit at the bank). This is an approach that you may have made for taxes and EDF, etc. With your IBAN, HomeCamper SAS can only pay you money!

You must enter your IBAN to receive the participation of your travellers within 2 to 5 days after the end of the stay (current bank deadlines).

Register your bank details now!


How do I report my income?

To know the reporting of income and legal provisions from this activity, we invite you to discuss this with your Tax Centre.



Evaluate Travellers

Leaving a notice to travellers is important!

It is through your assessments that trust is established every day between HomeCamper members.

Posting a notice after using the site makes it possible to have a clear picture of the exchanges between members.

You can only post a notice after a stay has been made, which prevents abusive comments.

You have 14 days to write a comment and share your impressions of the experience you have experienced. Travellers also have the opportunity to leave a comment on your garden.

To leave a notice, you just have to follow these 3 very simple steps:

  • Are you a HomeCamper host or traveller? Did the stay take place?
  • Evaluate the other member by selecting the number of stars corresponding to your satisfaction level.
  • Write a comment briefly describing your experience. Do you recommend this member to the whole HomeCamper community?