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4. Other questions


Have you noticed abnormal operation?

Despite all the care given to the design of the site and because it evolves constantly, small bugs or malfunctions can intervene.

Because we are not everywhere and because it is you who use the site and explore all its features, your feedbacks and alerts are very important to us.

In fact, if you notice any malfunction, display problem or recurring problem, your report will be valuable because it will allow us to quickly fix the problem and sometimes fix a bug at the same time.

Notify us of any abnormal operation and make as many details as possible about the problem encountered.

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Do you have a suggestion for us?

Since its beginnings, the comments and suggestions of the HomeCamper users has been helpful to evolve to meet your expectations.

We are always listening to your good ideas, suggestions for improvements and requests for features!

Even if they may have already been submitted and not all can be implemented, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Thank you for letting us have all your good ideas!

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