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3. You are a traveler


We make every effort to ensure that the traveler offer is rich, diversified, quality and welcomes you in the best conditions, at first all over France, and then soon to the four corners of the planet.

Accessible intuitively and optimized for consultation from all types of screens (computer, tablet and smartphone), the HomeCamper.com service requires an Internet connection.


Book A Garden



The first feature for a traveller is Multicriteria Research. By first entering a destination or region on the dynamic map and dates of stays, the screen will show all the available results.

It is then possible to refine the search with several selection criteria, depending on the type of vehicle, the accommodation, the services, the activity and the geographical situation.

The display can be done according to different filters: distance, rising or descending price.



We want a secure, simple and no surprise service. The prices displayed are unique prices for a location, a vehicle and a family. They include access and reasonable use of the services mentioned in each advertisement.

HomeCamper Service fees are calculated automatically and displayed before each booking request. They cover the costs of development and lodging of the service, the taxes and the commissions paid to our MangoPay Payment Partner.



Registration on www.HomeCamper.com is totally FREE!

It is mandatory if you want to book a garden and stay in unique places among thousands of destinations!

I register on www.HomeCamper. com



Next to each ad, an insert allows you to send a reservation request and/or a private message to your host. The host is informed immediately by SMS and by email of this request and is free to accept or refuse it.

The traveler is notified of the answer by email and will have to pay the reservation to be able to access the precise coordinates of the places and the host. Confirmation must be made no later than the day on which the reservation begins or at least 7 days after the date of the request for advance bookings.



The payment is only made by credit card.

The booking amount is charged at the time of the confirmation of the traveller, with the possibility of a total reimbursement up to 48 hours before the start of the booking, in case of cancellation. No reimbursement, even partial, will be possible after the start of a booking.

Consider adding a credit card to your HomeCamper space, it will then be very easy to book and pay in a few clicks. These data are encrypted and will never be visible or communicated to third parties.



The traveller (as well as the host) has the possibility to cancel until 48h before the start of the booking. The traveller will then be fully recredited with the total amount of the reservation. In the event of repeated or abusive cancellations, a member may be excluded from the service.




Leaving a notice to the hosts is important!

It is through your assessments that trust is established every day between HomeCamper members.

Posting a notice after using the site makes it possible to have a clear picture of the exchanges between members.

You can only post a notice after a stay has been made, which prevents abusive comments.

You have 14 days to write a comment and share your impressions of the experience you have experienced. The hosts also have the opportunity to leave a comment following Your stay.

To leave a notice, you just have to follow these 3 very simple steps:

  • Are you a HomeCamper host or traveler? Did the stay take place?
  • Evaluate the other member by selecting the number of stars corresponding to your level of satisfaction.
  • Write a comment briefly describing your experience. Do you recommend this member to the whole HomeCamper community?


Your responsibilities as a traveler


Recommendations for use

In most cases, pets, when accepted explicitly in the advertisement, must be kept on a leash, unless the hosts agree.

The emptying and wild toilets are prohibited outside the premises provided for this purpose.

Be especially vigilant about fire hazards, not just during the summer.

Do not venture with your vehicle in paths, passages, fields, etc. which you do not know the nature and the outcome, especially during heavy rains. Any towing operations will be entirely at the traveler expense.

Access to water, ponds, swimming pools and other risk areas will be the sole responsibility of the traveler and the accompanying minors.


State Places before departure

It is not to be said that a traveler must return the location in the state in which he found him upon arrival. Free of all rubbish. The garbage cans will have to be removed.


Who is responsible in the event of a disaster?

Camping at home is a practice that wants to be respectful of its environment and people who coexist, based on principles of exchange and conviviality.

In the very rare event of a disaster caused or suffered by a HomeCamper traveler, reciprocal home liability or Multirisk insurance would normally take care of the claim, as if it were family members, for example.



Please leave us your details if you want to be notified of the new features being put into service.

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