Host Guarantee & Insurance

An inclusive insurance covering every HomeCamper booking


Garantie hôte & Assurance HomeCamper


What does AXA guarantees cover ?

The guarantee covers the Public Liability insurance of the host. In other words, the consequences of all damage (bodily harm, material, immaterial, etc.) that you could come across or cause when a traveller stays in your garden will be taken in charge by your insurer AXA. 
For any information in regards to the amount of the warrants and exclusions, you can consult the information notice





Some examples: 

  1. The young boy, who arrived yesterday with his family, has twisted his ankle in your garden on a non-fixed step; unlucky, it's a sprained ankle diagnosed by the doctor. 
  2. Your dog has done his teeth on the electric bike of your guests, which was stored in the bike shed. The estimate to repair the damage is quite high: €450!
  3. A branch has fallen on the campervan that was parked underneath your acacia tree in your backyard; €3000 worth of repair has announced the mechanic. 


What should I do to be covered?

Nothing! When you confirm and accept a reservation through the platform, your insurance is automatically included and will cover your responsibility for any damage caused and up to €9000000 for bodily injury. 

This insurance is offered to you by HomeCamper and is included in every reservation payed through the platform, in the limit of the insurance's terms and conditions provided below. 

WARNING: this insurance does not substitute the landlords' Public Liability insurance.


What is an excess franchise?

This is the amount of money that remains at the charge of the insured party in case of loss. 
The insurance is part of your HomeCamper benefit but includes a €300 excess franchise. Let's imagine the example n°3 above, the value of the repairs is fixed at €3000. In this case AXA will finance €2700 in paid allowance but €300 will be stay at your charge. 


When am I covered?

The guarantee is automatically included when a reservation is payed through the platform (except from the exclusions provided in the contract) and is granted during the whole duration of the stay, in the limit of 30 consecutive days of stay. It only applies to reservation happening on the French territories (mainland France, DOM-TOM and Corsica).


What is not covered?

Attention! Many exclusions may concern some damages, please read the full information notice or contact us at


What to do in case of damage?

In case of incident, it is your responsibility to make a declaration to HomeCamper Assistance by filling up this online form (click here).
Beware! Your declarations should be filled and sent within the following deadlines: 

  • Within 2 business days for theft. 
  • Within 10 days after the publication of the ministerial decree establishing the state of natural disaster if it is a question of damages related to such situation.
  • Within 5 days for any other cases. 

Please include: 

  • Your contact details, the nature of the loss (theft, water damages, fire...) and its conditions (date, place…). 
  • A descriptive state and estimation, certified sincere and signed, of the insured objects that have been damaged, stolen or destroyed. 
  • Invoices, receipts, guarantee vouchers, photos or any other type of relevant evidence. 
  • A copy of the complaint at the Police, in case of theft. 

For all information concerning the amounts of the guarantees and the exclusions, you can consult the information notice.