Why receive travellers?

Each year, hundred thousands of travellers, families and seniors, drive throughout France, especially with vans and motorhomes. However for 83%, of them, finding a proper campsite or parking is the number one concern when choosing a destination. 

Why not welcoming them, with simplicity, one or more nights in your garden, earn extra money and meet travellers from all over the world? 


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Listing a garden is very easy and completely free

No subscription, no obligation, no fees and no investment required


Earn extra money

With a maximum of 6 private campsites, and a period of 3 months per year (according French laws), you may earn few thousand euros each year. It’s legal, not intrusive, easy to manage, and you are in control at every moment


Safe and trusted communication with HomeCamper members

Exchanging messages with potential guests, helps you select good fit for your garden.

You can verify their profiles and reviews they’ve received from other HomeCamper members


Flexible and scalable, you run your business as you wish…

You decide the price for the campsites in your garden, the services you wish to offer, reservation requirements and your availability.


Trust and HomeCamper Host Guarantee

Secured HomeCamper payment and messaging tools, reservation dashboard, rating between members and extended insurance guarantee are meant to help you manage your guests with very little work


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