Backpacking & Trekking: our private campsites

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How to go camping and backpacking? 

Have you always dreamed of a journey reflecting your expectations without any constraints? Do you like walking and you are not afraid to immerse yourself in nature? This section will be the most appropriate for your research! 

Travel in the heart of the fauna and flora. Take advantage of this opportunity to observe and admire it and let yourself be rocked by the forest song. This feeling of freedom and independence will take possession of your body and you will become one with nature. 


Where to go camping while on hike and trekking? 

Accessible to both younger and older, hiking will allow you to reach Europe at your own rhythm. Simple and easy to practice, walking is perfect to penetrate nature and meet the local people of the regions and so, make your experience rich in discovery and authenticity. 

With HomeCamper, you can disconnect from everything and live the present moment.