Côtes-d'Armor: our private campsites

Côtes-d'Armor: our private campsites


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How to find a campsite in Côtes-d'Armor

Located in Britanny, the Côtes-d'Armor department used to be called "Côtes-du-Nord" until it was changed in the year 1990. Depending on your requirements and your needs, HomeCamper has various hosts in store for you that are going to be able to make you enjoy your stay like never before. Lovers of vanlife, roadtrips, and outdoor camping will be delighted!


What to do in Côtes-d'Armor

To kick things off, Fort de Latte is undoubtedly the must-see in Côtes d'Armor. This castle, classified as a historical monument, offers a spectacular view of the Emerald Coast from the top of its keep. Located on a rocky cape, this 14th century castle surrounded by ramparts whose authenticity and geographical position make it an unusual place, is not to be overlooked!
Other historical buildings such as the Château de la Touche Trébry or the Château de Tonquédec overlooking the valley of the Leguer are part of the undeniable historical heritage of the Côtes d'Armor.
Beauport Abbey, a great site in France with its 100 hectares of estate and the unusual ruins of the circular temple of Lanleff are to be discovered.
Like all Breton departments, the Côtes d'Armor also has its own range and fair share of lighthouses, including the pink granite Ploumanach lighthouse among others.
With its beautiful coasts and unspoilt nature, the Côtes d'Armor offers many exceptional natural sites. The Emerald coast is a very beautiful tourist coast, and extends from Cape Frehel to Mont St Michel. Cape Fréhel and its 70 meters, a real granite advance, offers beautiful walks and beautiful panoramas. Some trails are a little dangerous, so we recommend that you take the "chemin des douaniers".
The Gorges du Corong offer green and humid landscapes. The "chaos de Corong", a real heap of rocks and pebbles, gives an impression of mystery, chaotic and curious at the same time; just like the granitic chaos of "Ile Renote". These magical landscapes, called "les chaos", are not to be missed.
The village of Montcontour will seduce lovers of old stones. A pretty medieval city with its beautiful ramparts, Moncontour is one of the most beautiful villages in France.
Finally, Saint-Brieuc, the capital of the department, retains its authenticity of yesteryear with its well-preserved old houses. Every year, the Bay of Saint-Brieuc welcomes thousands of migratory birds and is ideal for beautiful walks and splendid sightsings.


When to go to Côtes-d'Armor

Just like most departments in Britanny, we advise you to choose the summer period to plan your stay, especially if you prefer warmer temperatures and overall better weather. Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences!


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