Finistère: our private campsites

Finistère: our private campsites


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How to find a campsite in Finistère

Finistère is a department with an exceptional natural heritage, particularly with its 1200 kilometers of coastline. The department welcomes you for a stay near the Atlantic in the midst of Britanny! Depending on your requirements and your needs, HomeCamper has various hosts in store for you that are going to be able to make you enjoy your stay like never before. Lovers of vanlife, roadtrips, and outdoor camping will be delighted!


What to visit in Finistère

First and foremost, the Morlaix Bay is part of one of the most beautiful bays in Finistère, with its many islands and its Pointe du Trimet. The Château du Taureau stands proudly in the midst of the waters.
Pointe du Raz and its very high cliffs offer beautiful views, as does Pointe Saint-Mathieu. The Fort de Bertheaume at Pointe St Mathieu is accessible by taking a small bridge over the sea, an unusual visit not to be missed.
Walks are to be made on the Dunes of Finistère in particular on the dune of Kérurus de Plounéour-Trez (dunes full of history) as well as on the dunes of Keremma.
Typical of Brittany, the Abers (which are estuaries that the ocean covers) are also to be discovered by taking the GR34, like the Aber Wrac'h Benoit or Ildut.
Finistère also contains 29 lighthouses, 8 of which have been classified as "Historic Monuments", such as the lighthouse of Ile Vierge, that of Eckmühl in Penmarc'h or the lighthouse of Pontusval in Brignogan.
The Museum of Lighthouses and Beacons propels its visitors into the world of maritime signage. An unavoidable visit for sea enthusiasts!
Finistère, like the departments nearby such as Morbihan, also boasts many megaliths, including the oldest monument in the world: the Cairn de Barnenez (funeral chamber), classified as a national monument.
Finistère also has beautiful cities and villages to discover.
The city of Concarneau is both a seaside resort and a "Ville Close", a nickname due to the walls that surround the city.
Quimper, capital of Cornwall, has beautiful authentic half-timbered houses. Its cathedral St Corentin with its Gothic architecture is part of the city's heritage. Its Priory Garden is also a sighting you shouldn't miss during your stay!
Brest is obviously worth a visit, especially for its castle, the oldest monument in the city, as well as for its Tanguy tower. The Sadi-Carnot shelter is to be seen. This shelter from the Second World War was the scene of a terrible tragedy that caused more than 370 people to lose their lives.
Finally, its remarkable garden, the "Conservatoire Botanique" is another one of the city's highlights.


When to go to Finistère

Just like most of the departments in Britanny, Finistère's warmer and more pleasant months in terms of weather and temperatures go from July until October. If you don't like like the cold, avoid the month of February as it is usually the coldest month of the year. However, we would advise vanlife enthusiasts to choose the months of May and June, as there will be less tourists to bother you during your stay!


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