Alsace: our private campsites

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Where to sleep in Alsace? 

Alsace is a very touristy area. Travelling enthusiasts will find their happiness in this region thanks to the Wine Route and at the Crest Route while heritage lovers will prefer to discover the big cities and villages of Alsace. The HomeCamper’s hosts will welcome you throughout the region to let you discover their history, their heritage and their strong Franco-German culture. They open their flower gardens doors, their vineyards or their parks overlooking the Vosges mountains. 


How to discover Alsace? 

Alsace is first discovered with its big cities like Strasbourg. In addition to being the Alsatian capital, Strasbourg is also one of the two European capitals. You can visit the seat of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. It’s a city rich in cultural heritage thanks to its Notre-Dame Cathedral and its old quarter named Petite France. The other two major cities in Alsace are Mulhouse, known to be an industrial city where you can visit the Cité de l’Automobile and the Cité du Train and Colmar, famous for its half-timbered houses and canals that worth the nickname of Petite Venice. The fame of Alsace also lies in the beauty of its landscapes. Bords du Rhin, Vosges's mountainous massif, lakes and vineyards make this region a great place for tourism. Along the Crest Route you can admire the mountain panorama, enjoy winter sports such as alpine skiing or cross-country skiing, and discover the many lakes and forests. One of the most important attractions of Alsace is the Wine Route. It allows you to explore the roads amidst the many Alsatian varietals. Stop at HomeCamper hosts or with producers to taste Riesling, Gewurztraminer or Crémants d'Alsace. Gastronomy is another pillar of Alsatian culture. Don't miss the sauerkraut, the Flammekueche, the Munster, the Kugelhopf and the many other Alsatian specialties. 


When Visit Alsace? 

Alsace is subjected to cold winters often accompanied by snow, while in summer the temperatures are rather high. Paradoxically, it is advisable to visit Alsace in winter to enjoy the typical Christmas markets of the region. The most important is the Strasbourg, but the majority of Alsatian towns and villages organize their own Christmas markets. These festivities begin on the 6th of December on the occasion of the Saint Nicholas and continue throughout the Christmas period. Later in the winter, the Alsatians have carnivals, specially the Mulhouse Carnival during mid-February. In the spring and summer, nature and outdoor activities lovers will enjoy the wide-open spaces and the greenery of the area. In autumn, the landscape changes, the vines and forests are the most beautiful colors. A show not to miss.