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How do I find a campsite near Amiens?

Labelled a City of Art and History and a former commune of Picardy, Amiens is located in the Hauts-de-France, in the department of the Somme. The most populated city in the region behind Lille, it is also the first city in France in terms of UNESCO World Heritage Listings. Amiens also benefits from an ideal geographical location, about fifty kilometers from Arras and Beauvais, or from the bay of the Somme, a world-famous tourist site! In order for you to be able to choose the best suited accommodation for your needs, we suggest that you quickly get in touch with the hosts on HomeCamper. If you want to spend your stay directly with the locals of the area who can share their knowledge of the region with you, don't hesitate to book your stay in advance!


What to visit in Amiens?

Amiens has a population of about 125,000 and is sometimes referred to as Little Venice of the North because of its many waterways and floating gardens. It also has one of the largest cathedrals in the world, a Gothic gem with a very rich heritage to discover.
Several sites will be able to attract the traveller who spends a few days in Amiens: Notre-Dame Cathedral is obviously a must, with its impressive volume (200,000 m3), its spire at 112 metres high, its gigantic central nave, the 3000 statues and gargoyles that decorate it; the 52-metre high belfry, enthroned in Place du Fil and ringing all day long; the Jules-Vernes municipal circus, in the shape of a 16-sided polygon, which was used as a setting for Fellini's film (Les clowns); the House of Jules Vernes, where the writer lived with his wife, and which today bears witness to his life and work through many objects; the Perret Tower, one of the first skyscrapers in Europe, with its 100 metres high; the archaeological garden of Saint-Acheul, which offers a stratigraphic section that reveals the presence of the Paleolithic man 450,000 years ago; the Sagittarius House and its Renaissance façade.
And these are just some examples of the many testimonies of the past. You can also enjoy the city's many green spaces, and be charmed by the "hortillonnages" (floating gardens), all of which rank Amiens among the 10 greenest cities in the country. A city whose "tourism" capital is still to be discovered!


When to go to Amiens?

The city of Amiens has an oceanic climate, a usual characteristic of northern France. Winters are mild and summers, rather warm, are never hot. Rainfall is also well distributed throughout the year; only their intensity differs from one season to another. This prefecture of the Somme has similar climatic conditions to those of Dieppe, in Normandy. If you plan on visiting the city we would advise you to choose the summer period, whilst still checking on the weather conditions!

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