Martinique: our private campsites

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Homestay sleep on an island full of postcard landscapes ?

Are you searching for a unique and heavenly place to escape the time of a holiday? Let yourself be welcomed by our local hosts on the beautiful Caribbean island that is Martinique. Thereby you could enjoy some sunshine, beach paradise and natural landscapes... Thanks to HomeCamper, this getaway is possible and easy to organise, the place you’ll be staying at will only become a small detail of the organisation of your discovery trip. 


What to visit in Martinique? 

It will be possible for you to visit a distillery where the rhum is made, you also have many different local markets, with quality products. You can also enjoy postcard landscapes, especially with the Diamond beach. It is a stunning beach of thin sand with a natural scenery where the fauna and the flora gather together. 


When to go to Martinique? 

Depending on your preferences, the dry season between December and April, when it is cooler and could suit you. If you stay during February, you could participate or only be a spectator or the Fort de France Carnaval, one of the most beautiful carnavals on earth. If you are more interested in the hottest season, you will be at ease from April to August, you could maybe have the chance to ship onto the Yales, the traditional Antillean boats.