Bordeaux: our private campsites

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How to find a campsite in Bordeaux ? 

Whether it’s for a weekend or prolonged holidays, Bordeaux is a destination very appreciated by tourists. Given its greed, it’s necessary to take time to reserve your campsite in advance with HomeCamper. By contacting directly the hosts in the region of Bordeaux, you can take advantage of a campsite that will perfectly know how to answer all your expectations. HomeCamper also takes time to verify all profiles of every hosts to assure you safety in your choice of accommodations in Bordeaux


What to visit in Bordeaux ? 

A lot of different visits wait for you in the heart of Bordeaux. The city raises a very rich historical heritage which appears moreover in the Unesco world heritage. The Sainte-Catherine Street (rue Sainte-Catherine) is a big pedestrian artery that go downtown and where you can make your shopping. The Fine Arts Museum (Musée des Beaux Arts) welcomes you in the Pey Berland district (quartier Pey Berland) where you can admire magnificent paintings and sculptures. Other museums are also present like the Contemporary Art Museum (Musée d’Art Contemporain). Bordeaux offers you discreet places, monumental places, and calm or lively places, there’s places for all tastes. The port of Bordeaux who’s named the Port of the Moon (Port de la Lune) welcomes you too with is particular shape of a crescent moon which is also classified Unesco. Bordeaux means also wine. You can thus meet numerous wine merchants and travel various wine trails in the heart of Bordeaux’s vineyards. We recommend you specially to leave for an excursion in the heart of Saint-Émilion and its vineyard. It is one of the most famous big domains of all Bordeaux. Finally, Cap Ferret and its beautiful beaches will charm you.


When to leave for Bordeaux ? 

To take complete advantage of your visits under the sun and be able to discover all the beaches of Cap Ferret, we recommend you leave between May and September. It is at that time that the weather is the most pleasant.


How to visit Bordeaux in camper van ? 

The Bordelais offers exceptional landscapes to spend the night with your camper van or tent. Whether it’s in the middle of the vineyards, on the banks of the Garonne or a stone’s throw away from the Atlantic Ocean, you can park there with a completely different environment while staying in the same region. HomeCamper suggests you discover wine-making heritage by staying in one of many gardens proposed by hosts who are happy to welcome you in their domain.


What can we visit in Bordeaux and its surroundings ? 

Due to its history, Bordeaux is a city with very rich cultural heritage. The Garonne Docks (Les Quais de la Garonne) are even registered on the Unesco world heritage. Allying modernity and cultural heritage, these docks were fitted out and became a privileged place of the Bordelais and tourists. The Place de la Bourse and its Miroir d’Eau, situated on its docks have became an indispensable for the town. Bordeaux and its surroundings are now world-famous thanks to the prestige of its wines. For the oenotoursim amateurs, you have the possibility of crossing-road between vineyards and of stopping at wine growers to enjoy their wines. The city of Bordeaux also suggests you visiting the Cité du Vin, a architectural building that will make you discover the wine-making history of Bordeaux and the world. By following the Garonne’s flow, you’ll discover the Gironde Estuary (Estuaire de la Gironde), the Atlantic Ocean’s front door. Sand dunes, waves and pines forests forge the beauty of this coast. The most sportive one can cross the Bordelais’s roads on bicycle or will surf the Atlantic Ocean’s waves whereas most gastronomes will appreciate wines and Bordeaux’s canelés or still Arcachon’s oysters.


When to go off to explore Bordeaux ? 

The tourist affluence of Bordeaux and its surroundings is much stronger during the summer period. Every two years, in June, Bordeaux celebrate wine. This event on the quays of the Garonne brings together more than 500 000 people, who come to discover and taste the wines of hundreds of winegrowers from Bordeaux. The region’s gastronomic heritage is also put in spotlight during the Pharmacy Marathon in Pauillac, where the riders, often disguised, have the chance to taste wines, foie gras and oysters during their race, to the sound of different orchestras. Always at Bordeaux, the Garonne is placed in spotlight every two years at the end of spring in the event ‘'Bordeaux River Festival’’ (Bordeaux Fête le Fleuve). Presence of historical or modern ships, concerts, races and many other animations are offered to you.