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How to find a campsite in Vallauris

If you want to stay in a traditional city, while enjoying the joys of the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Vallauris is perfect. HomeCamper offers you the opportunity to find your campground in safe and quiet places. HomeCamper's hosts who live in Vallauris are delighted to offer you their campsites so that you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday, enjoy great deals, and save on the price of your accommodation.

What to visit in Vallauris

A city represented by pottery and ceramics, Vallauris is a town that has seduced many artists, including Pablo Picasso. By going to Vallauris, you can enjoy a magnificent seaside resort, many beaches each more beautiful than the next, but that's not all. If you love history, we recommend that you visit Vallauris on March 1st, where every year a reconstruction of the return of King Napoleon of Elbes is organized. A well-known event that attracts many tourists every year. Many art galleries are also open to the public, in particular to pay tribute to great ceramists such as Roge Capron. With eight different chapels and a Renaissance castle, there are many historical visits to choose from. Don't miss the Picasso National Museum as well. Once a fishing port, the Bay of Golfe-Juan offers you unforgettable swimming, but also a very pleasant environment. Between water sports or scuba diving, different activities are possible. Every year, the Jean Marais Festival also takes place, which welcomes major theatre and song stars. At the museum level, you will also have the opportunity to visit the castle museum of Vallauris, the Magnelli museum or the museum of kitsch ceramics, as well as the national museum "La Guerre et la Paix".

When to go to Vallauris

We recommend that you visit Vallauris between April and September. The temperatures are perfect during these months for all the visits that you love, but also to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea!


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