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How to find a campsite in Arles

Land of inspiration for Van Gogh, Arles is a popular destination for all painting lovers. Former provincial capital of Ancient Rome, Arles is a city steeped in history that you can discover by staying at a HomeCamper host's garden. HomeCamper offers you a wide choice of camping accommodation in private homes, from the most classic to the most unusual, with accommodation in a trailer for example.


What to visit in Arles

In the heart of the Bouches du Rhône, Arles is a city where it is impossible to be bothered, especially if you appreciate history. Indeed, Arles is the most important city in France with the largest number of Roman monuments. Thanks to its cultural and architectural richness, Arles is a very touristic destination. Every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August, you can enjoy a different kind of entertainment. Some historical reconstructions are also organized, including gladiatorial battles. The Museum of Ancient Arles is full of art objects, sculptures, and many other treasures that you will have the chance to discover. We also advise you to visit the Camargue Regional Nature Park where you can immerse yourself in the heart of a totally exceptional natural environment. You can enjoy a walk or a horse ride depending on your preferences. Finally, the Saint-Trophime Cathedral is also an essential place in the city dating back to the 12th century. With many details, you will appreciate both its authenticity and simplicity.


When to go to Arles

Thanks to a mild climate, there is really no better month to visit Arles in the year. However, it is still advisable to stay in Arles during the months of July and August, especially since various activities are organised, especially in the Roman amphitheatre. Of course, the streets are more crowded and it's a very touristy season, but it's absolutely worth a visit!


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