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How to find a campsite in Carpentras

Find your campground easily in Carpentras by visiting HomeCamper. All the hosts present are delighted to offer you their accommodation for your holidays in Carpentras. By trusting HomeCamper, you will be able to enjoy a certain proximity to your host, and thus enjoy good deals during your tourist stay.

What to visit in Carpentras

For all nature lovers, Carpentras is a perfect destination. In the heart of the plains and under a beautiful Provençal sun, you can enjoy an unforgettable stay. If you are wondering what the possible visits are in Carpentras, note that you will not have time to get bored. Situated etween Orange and Avignon, the city of Carpentras offers various sporting activities, including its racecourse, aerodrome and sports complex. Two fitness trails are also available, as well as a water sports stadium. Large tourist sites are also within reach, such as Mont Ventoux, which is a magnificent ski resort in winter, but is very popular with hikers and cyclists all year round. Les dentelles de Montmirail is a climbing and hiking site that will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views of the various vineyard landscapes. Be aware that you will also have the opportunity to visit major cities within 30 km such as Avignon, Orange or Vaison la Romaine. Let us not forget that Carpentras is a city of art and history. A pedestrian discovery tour has been set up to allow tourists to discover most of the heritage of the city. The synagogue of Carpentras is a must visit, especially because it is the oldest in France, built in 1367 and still in activity. Whether it is the Porte d'Orange, the Saint Siffrein cathedral or the former Episcopal Palace, many visits await you!

When to go to Carpentras

In order to make the most of your getaway, we recommend that you visit Carpentras between May and September! It is especially at this time that temperatures are the most favourable and precipitation is less present.


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