Horseriding: our private campsites

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How to combine horseriding and camping? 

Are you afraid of mass tourism? Do you want to discover the fauna and flora on horseback? Do you have a consuming passion for these equidae? For beginners as well as for the most experienced, this category will be for you! 
Going on a hike or simply on a horseride, hair blowing in the wind, these are the services offered by our HomeCamper’s host. Have faith in your horse and throw yourself so you can get off the beaten track. Let yourself be rocked by the sound of their hooves and take full advantage of nature and what it can offer. 

Where to go camping and horseriding? 

Make a stop at our HomeCamper’s host, in their all-comfortably accommodation in order to just relax of your day of walk. Whether you are in a tent, a caravan, a motorhome or even a minivan, you will be welcomed in their private life. Our hosts are all far from the beaten tracks and tourist attraction so it will make your stay more authentic in such a way that conducive to meeting new people and to the conviviality of the present moment. 

With HomeCamper, you can explore Europe at the rhythm of their whinnies.