Escape from the ordinary - Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Vans selection

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How to travel in a van, thanks to Mercedes-Benz Vans

Discovering Europe in a van is a dream for many travellers and explorers who are passionate about the richness of this world. Are you a fan of roadtrips with friends or family? Do you like to go away from everything and drive to an unknown destination? Look no further, this page is made for you!

In recent years, the number of vans and converted vans sold and/or renovated has only increased. There is no doubt about it, van trips and roadtrips have never been so popular. This trend has conquered more than one traveller... especially the most homely who, recently, have vanished and dreamed of freedom, their hair in the wind in a long journey where the hoziron becomes the only visible panorama.  However, this new mode of travel requires some preparation before travel.

Partnership with Mercedes-Benz Vans

Due to the high number of requests for this type of trip, the HomeCamper team has set up a partnership with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Mercedes-Benz Vans. Born to run.

It is therefore on board a comfortable, highly modular van, equipped with a legendary quality of construction that we propose you to stop by the hosts HomeCamper, selected for the quality of their service. Thanks to these vans, you can go on a roadtrip, discover the world, nature and everything it has to offer.