Réunion: our private campsites

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Where to stay at Reunion Island? 

The people of the Reunion Island are very generous in nature. They will welcome you open arms wherever you are on the island. In camper, van or tent the HomeCamper hosts will open the doors of their garden or their unusual accommodations to spend the night on a volcano in the middle of a lush nature, on the seaside or in town. 


Why visit the Reunion Island? 

On the Reunion Island, everyone finds his way. Whether you are looking for relaxation on a white sandy beach of the Indian Ocean, whether you want to hike on the volcanoes of the island and discover its botanical exceptional or you want to discover the villages of Reunion you will not be bored. The essential of the island is of course the hike. The Piton de la furnace, the Piton des Neiges, the Mafate Circus will offer you breathtaking circuits between volcanoes, lush forests, waterfalls and rivers. After your ascent you will be able to admire the whole island and the Indian Ocean. The most adventurous will be able to practice climbing, rafting or canyoning to go to unique and natural spaces, far from the beaten path. The Indian Ocean offers you a lot of fine sand beaches and cliffs to enjoy a swim in water around 30 °C all year round. The children will love Kélonia, an observatory of underwater turtles in the city of Saint-Leu. Go and discover the colonial heritage of overseas in the city of Saint - Denis, the great ports of the island as in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains or Pierre and finally do not miss to go to the most beautiful village of the Reunion Island, Hell-Bourg, which has a very strong Creole identity. Discover also the Creole gastronomic heritage including its exotic fruits, its spices, its rum and all its traditional dishes. 


When to go to the Reunion Island? 

In terms of weather, the most enjoyable season to get to the Reunion Island is from April to October. It’s also the best time for hiking enthusiasts. Indeed, the weather is rather soft and dry. During this period, a lot of sportsmen will be able to tackle the Cross du Piton des Neiges in May and the Grand Raid in October, two legendary foot races in the mountains of Reunion. The rest of the year, the weather is more stifling as it is hot and humid. The inevitable rendezvous of this period is the feast of freedom during which many events are organized to celebrate the abolition of slavery.